We’ll Listen,
Not Lecture

Nightline offers a unique listening service, providing emotional support and information to students across the country. It’s the only service of its kind dedicated to students in higher and further education. Run by students, our listening volunteers ensure every student has the opportunity to talk about their feelings in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

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Want to Talk?

Whatever is on your mind, our student volunteers are here to listen.
Find your Nightline for more information on your local Nightline Service.

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No student should have their education compromised by emotional difficulties. We need your help so that every student has access to confidential emotional peer support from a Nightline service. Donations allow us to continue our work and raise the quality, profile, availability and accessibility of Nightline services.

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Welcome from new CEO, Katie

Welcome from new CEO, Katie

Nightline welcomes new CEO with a new strategy, acknowledging the many motivated volunteers who have built the charity up over the last 50 years.