Meet Our Team

People are at the heart of the Nightline Association. The Nightline Association is supported by many volunteers, with almost 100 people supporting the delivery and development of our organisation.

It’s the dedication, passion and commitment of our team that make it possible for us to deliver our life-saving services to students across the country.

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is made up of 11 people who meet regularly to lead the governance of the charity.

Michael Sanders
Chair of Trustees

Matthew Axbey
Vice Chair of Trustees

Martin Smith

Cassandra Kamara

Cass Kamara

Harry McLaren

Peter Sequeira

Josh Fogg

Veronika Dvořáková

Harry McLaren

Meg Haskins

Chris Barnes

Helen Bedser

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is in charge of the strategic direction and operations of the Nightline Association. This team is responsible for delivering support and services to our Affiliated Nightlines.

Katie Endacott headshot

Katie Endacott
Chief Executive Officer

Hannah Bayliss
Operations Officer

Javier Bosch

Emma Castell
Marketing Assistant

Javier Bosch

Aria Lao
Research Assistant

Katie Endacott headshot

Michelle Viotti
Head of Impact & Research (Volunteer)

Harry Cloke
Head of Services (Volunteer)

Javier Bosch

Javier Bosch
Head of IT (Volunteer)

Javier Bosch

Shivali Sharma
Head of Stakeholder Management (Volunteer)

Join our Team

We’re always looking for passionate volunteers who can play a hands-on role in the operation and development of the charity.

Volunteering for the Nightline Association can be a rewarding and valuable experience. Put your talents to good use and develop new skills at the heart of a small, ambitious charity, feel free to apply!

Join our team of volunteers!