University Mental Health Day 2024

14 Mar 2024

On University Mental Health Day, we reflect on proudly being student led from the very beginning, and our Nightlines still very much are.

I met two of our Founders a few months ago, and it was incredible hearing them talk about students needing someone objective to listen to them. It wasn’t about fixing things, or even waiting in a queue to potentially get a diagnosis. It was about having a space to clear their head and talk through their challenges. These Founders were students who saw a need for students to be heard. Move forward 50 years, and Nightlines are still run by current students; it’s current students picking up the phone or seeing messages when they come in, and it’s students because they understand best what you’re going through.

University has always been a challenging time – when you might be moving out of home for the first time, making new friends, getting used to a new town or city. Now it is even more challenging with students needing paid work to get through, and loneliness becoming a common theme – friendships are made online and, following the pandemic, the face to face communication skills are harder. There is many an hour spent alone in your room, waiting for plans to be made, not sure how to make friends, and not yet comfortable in your surroundings. This is why Nightline is so important.

Our Nightlines are there for those moments of ‘who can I talk to?‘ and ‘who will listen?‘ Our listening team are all students who have been through similar challenges and they have been trained to actively listen to you. They are here for YOU.

I am incredibly proudly of our volunteers across the country. They make Nightline what it is. They are here to support their peers in their time of need. Our service is intentionally anonymous, non-judgemental and non-advisory.

Thank you, Nightliners, and students, we’re here for you. Each night of term. 8pm to 8am.
Find your Nightline here. Reach out. Keep in touch.

Nightline Association

The Nightline Association was established in 2006 as an umbrella charity to support, promote and develop university Nightline Services. There are now 34 active Nightlines in the UK offering listening services to around 1,500,000 university students.

Our mission is to raise the quality, profile, availability, and accessibility of Nightline services so that every student is aware of, and has access to, confidential emotional peer support, as well as the opportunity to volunteer for a Nightline.