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Date Posted: 22/11/2021

Deadline: Friday 10th December, 11:59pm

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About Nightline Association

Nightlines provide an anonymous and confidential listening and information service, run by students for students at their university. They work to improve student mental health and wellbeing and are open at night when no other university welfare services are available. Nightline services now cover over 100 universities and colleges, or over 1.8 million students, across the UK and Ireland thanks to an incredible team of over 2,100 trained student volunteers.

The Nightline Association is the registered charity that supports, promotes and develops Nightlines. Nightline Association is run almost entirely by volunteers, who get to play a hands-on operational and strategic role in the running of a national charity. By volunteering for the Nightline Association you will not only gain more awareness of the work of the Association and the charity sector, you will also gain transferable skills and make new friends.

Role Description

Your primary responsibility is to work towards increasing the knowledge the Nightline Association Training Team has of the Training methods used by all Nightlines and to utilise this to improve the support the Training Team can offer to Nightlines.

Historically, the Training Team has relied upon the experience and knowledge of its own volunteers to give a picture of how Nightlines across the UK and Ireland undertake their training and recruitment processes, including any similarities and differences in how they operate. The newly created Training Methods Branch of the Training Team aims to reduce the reliance on individual volunteers’ knowledge, by collating information from Nightlines and other Nightline Association Teams, in particular the Quality Assurance Team, to create a centralised resource that gives an insight into the training methods of all Nightlines. 

As this is a newly created branch of the Training Team, you will have the opportunity to contribute to shaping the branch’s operation.

You will also be expected to provide feedback on the structure and content of Nightlines’ training, based on your previous experience and any knowledge you gain in this role.

Role Summary

Company: Nightline Association
Role: Training Methods Volunteer
Term Limit: Three years, with possibility to be extended
Location: Remote working, open to applicants across the UK and Ireland
Supported by: Training Team
Accountable to: Training Team Lead

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collate information from both Nightlines and the Nightline Association with regards to training methods across all Nightline services
  • Produce clear, easily navigable resources that outline the training methods used by all Nightline services
  • Communicate effectively with Nightlines and explain the purpose and benefits of the Training Methods Branch’s work
  • Review and provide feedback on the structure and content of a member Nightline’s training, at the request of the Nightline
  • Work collaboratively with other Training Team branches and Teams within the Nightline Association
  • Work with the Quality Assurance Team to review the Training section of the Good Practice Guidelines
  • Gather feedback from Nightlines regarding the quality of support they have received and any services they would like the Branch or Team to offer in the future

Essential Experience and Skills

  • Previous experience facilitating training within Nightlines or a similar organisation
  • Highly developed organisational skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team and independently
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to produce clear, easily navigable information resources

Desirable Experience

  • Previous experience within a Nightline and/or the Nightline Association
  • Previous experience facilitating and organising training within Nightlines or a similar organisation
  • Previous experience collecting information and/or data on a large scale and putting it into a digestible format
  • IT proficiency and previous experience working collaboratively in a Google Drive environment


  • Whilst how much time you commit to your role at the Nightline Association is largely down to you, we usually expect volunteers to commit an average of one to two hours a week. However, we would also like to stress that this is very much a guide and that volunteers are by no means obliged to commit that amount of time every single week. 
  • You would be expected to attend online team meetings roughly once a month, and to keep up to date with your emails and team messages. The Nightline Association also has three away days each year which you are encouraged to attend when you can.

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