Regional Coordinator – South Scotland

Date Posted: 06/01/2022

Deadline: Friday 21st January, 11:59pm

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About Nightline Association

Nightlines provide an anonymous and confidential listening and information service, run by students for students at their university. They work to improve student mental health and wellbeing and are open at night when no other university welfare services are available. Nightline services now cover over 100 universities and colleges, or over 1.5 million students, thanks to an incredible team of over 2,500 trained student volunteers.

The Nightline Association is the registered charity that supports, promotes and develops Nightlines. Nightline Association is run almost entirely by volunteers, who get to play a hands-on operational and strategic role in the running of a national charity. By volunteering for the Nightline Association you will not only gain more awareness of the work of the Association and the charity sector, you will also gain transferable skills and make new friends.

Role Description

Your primary responsibility is to build a professional relationship with Nightlines in your region in order to support, represent, and maintain them. 

The ten regions are Ireland, North Scotland, South Scotland, North West England, North East England, Midlands, South West England, South England, South East England, and Wales.

Please note that you are not required to be based in or previously involved in the region you are representing, however this may benefit candidates.

You will sit within the Engagement Department, whose role it is to engage with Nightlines and Association volunteers. You will report to the Regional Coordinator Lead, themselves also an elected representative.

The Engagement Department consists of three teams:

  • Events Team – facilitating and organising internal and external events. 
  • Representation Team – ensuring that Nightlines are accurately represented and supported. This is the team Regional Coordinators will sit in.
  • Welfare Team – ensuring that Nightlines are supported with all their welfare related needs.

Role Summary

Company: Nightline Association
Role: Voluntary role, travel expenses reimbursed
Term Limit: 1 year
Location: Remote working, open to applicants across the UK
Supported by: Regional Coordinator Team Lead
Accountable to: Member Nightlines and their volunteers in your region

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Act as point of contact for all Nightlines in your region and respond quickly to all enquiries and problems, putting them in touch with the relevant Association volunteer/team when necessary.
  • Assist the Events Team in the facilitation of Autumn Conferences.
  • Represent the Nightlines in your region at Nightline Council by voting and speaking on their behalf on matters of importance to Nightlines. 
  • Work with the Regional Coordinator Lead to formulate regular team objectives and provide a monthly report outlining your activities.
  • Maintain the Nightline database, specifically keeping Nightline contact details up-to-date.  
  • Encourage members to join and partake in Nightline forums, including regular regional meetings.
  • Take responsibility for ensuring the Nightlines you cover are up-to-date with Association activity and the progress of initiatives to benefit them.
  • Relay feedback from Nightlines on the services the Association provides in order to improve them and to make sure they still fit the needs of Nightlines.
  • Assist Nightlines in your region to build beneficial connections with local external organisations.
  • Attend regular meetings discussing the provision of support and guidance for their Nightlines.
  • Visit Nightlines in your region when required.
  • Attend the annual Spring Conference and encourage Nightlines’ attendance.


To run for Regional Coordinator you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Have previous experience volunteering with a Nightline or the Association.
  • Not currently the Coordinator, Director, or equivalent of a Nightline service.
  • Not currently a Trustee or Head of Department at the Association.

On the latter two there is a two month grace period for overlap at that start and end of elected terms.

Essential Experience and Skills

The following skills are essential for carrying out the role of Regional Coordinator:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Problem solving
  • Time management and organisation
  • Ability to work in a team

Desirable Experience



Whilst how much time you commit to your role at the Nightline Association is largely down to you, hours for this role can vary week by week between 1-10 hours per week so flexibility and time management is essential. However, we would also like to stress that this is very much a guide and that volunteers are by no means obliged to commit that amount of time every single week. Time commitment can also be discussed with your line manager when required.

You would be expected to attend online team meetings roughly once a month, and to keep up to date with your emails and team messages. The Nightline Association also has three away days each year which you are encouraged to attend when you can.

How to apply

This post is an elected position and is voted on by all eligible Nightlines via online ballot. 

To apply for this role:

  • Complete the Election Nomination form.
  • Write a manifesto covering:
    • your experience (specifically Nightline related)
    • what you’d like to achieve in the role
    • where you are based
    • why you’re suitable
    • what you’d bring to the role
    • what you’d like to achieve in the role.

It is your discretion on whether you want to upload an image to your manifesto or not. Please relate your manifesto to the role description, particularly focusing on required skills. Here are some example manifestos.  

If you have any questions, please email [email protected], reach out to your Regional Coordinator, or the Regional Coordinator team.

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