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The benefits of having a Nightline

In a 2013 Youthsight study with a nationally representative sample of more than 1000 university students, of those who felt distressed, 72% explicitly recalled distress at night.

Of those who contacted Nightline:
87% felt their mental wellbeing had improved
79% felt better able to deal with the problem
75% felt calmer, less agitated or less anxious

Why peer support?

  • Empowers service users and breaks down isolation.
  • Develops supporters’ confidence and self-esteem.
  • Increases capacity of professional services and aids social reintegration

There are multiple reasons why someone may call Nightline, including but not limited to:
academic stress, family/relationships/friendships, mental health, suicide/self-harm, information, loneliness, sexuality/sexual health, sexual violence/abuse, addiction, physical health.

We have been working closely with Tender and White Ribbon to offer specialised sexual violence training to our volunteers.
In partnership with the Charlie Waller Trust, we have also developed bespoke training supporting conversations around suicide for our volunteers.

“The quality of training that has been organized by Nightline is excellent. It would not be out of place as part of a training course for a range of mental health care professionals. This adds to student employability development for trainees, and crucially means that those students using Nightline receive high-quality care and support.”
Graham Towl, Professor of Forensic Psychology at Durham University.