Good Practice Guidelines

What are the Good Practice Guidelines?

The Good Practice Guidelines were initially created at the request of Nightlines to raise the professionalism of Nightline services. They were developed in partnership with Nightlines and are based on advice from mental health professionals, legal advisors, Samaritans and the Helplines Partnership.

Highlighting the key aspects of running a Nightline service, these guidelines enable Nightlines to check that they are operating according to good practice. They exist to support Nightlines to run their service legally, safely and with duty of care to callers and volunteers. The guidelines embrace the need for each Nightline to be able to operate slightly differently to meet the needs of their students and universities and provoke thought and consideration of the many circumstances that a Nightline may find themselves in, ensuring they have fully considered and made plans for every eventuality.

How can Nightlines become accredited?

To become accredited, Nightlines need to complete workbooks on different aspects of running a Nightline service. This is to ensure that basic standards are met and that Nightlines have fully considered and have made plans for every eventuality that they may face.

What are the benefits of being GPG accredited?

  • Assurance that your Nightline is operating legally and at a professional standard
  • The provision of a higher duty of care both to callers and Nightline volunteers
  • Improved relations with your stakeholders by showing them the quality of your Nightline service
  • Increased funding opportunities
  • The use of the Good Practice Guidelines logo on your website and microsites