Volunteer for your Nightline

Nightlines are run almost entirely by volunteers and they’re always looking for student volunteers who can offer their time to support their fellow students.

Being a volunteer for Nightline is challenging, rewarding and inspiring – Nightline stands apart from many other student activities which are often social or recreational. Through intensive training you will develop strong communication skills including active listening, and if you take on a committee role you can gain a wealth of experience including:

  • Management
  • Team leadership
  • Training
  • PR and marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Budgeting and administration
  • Recruitment
  • IT

“Working as a volunteer for Nightline is a great stepping stone for development, giving graduates a good head start – and making them much more valuable to organisations like ourselves. Working with Nightline gives students an introduction to business awareness, team working and communication, thus ensuring the best chance of success in the world of work. Accenture fully supports the mission of the Nightline association andrecognises the benefits students receive from this service.”

Sally Atherton, Graduate Recruitment Manager, Accenture

“Being on the committee gives you the power to make changes to make sure that things are developed for the better, you can shape the service. I can’t believe I’m running anything at this stage in my life, but doing it and doing it well feels like such an incredible achievement.”

Cardiff volunteer

“It’s great to see that this is on offer to students and we all appreciate your efforts especially as you all probably have exams too. So thanks very much.”

Cork student, anonymous

No previous experience is required to become a Nightline volunteer, as training will be provided. However, most Nightlines require that you are a current student at an institution that they cover in order to train to become a Nightline listening volunteer.

Interested in training to become a Nightline Volunteer?

You can contact your Nightline directly by finding them on the Find your Nightline page.