The Benefits of Having a Nightline

For most students their time at university is a positive experience of learning and personal development accompanied by the excitement of new experiences, opportunities and friendships. For some however it can be characterised by periods of stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression. Due to their age, students can be particularly vulnerable to mental ill-health.

Rising fees, academic pressures and concerns about future employability can also impact on student mental wellbeing.

Nightline services operate at night during term time when other welfare services are usually closed. Nightlines offer university students a safe place to talk about their feelings and whatever’s on their mind or troubling them without fear of being judged or ridiculed.

In 2013 research with a representative sample found that 75% of UK students had experienced psychological distress whilst at university with a 1/3 explicitly recalling it occurring at night – a time when university welfare services are usually closed, but when Nightline is open.

The research also found that students are more likely to access support from their family or another student than from university provided support such as counsellors and pastoral tutors.

By offering peer support to university students at night when they’re feeling most vulnerable, Nightline provides a unique and intensely valuable service that can make a real difference to students.

Information on Nightline Association research and other facts and statistics about student mental health can be found in our research section