Setting up a Nightline

We’re really glad that you’re interested in setting up a Nightline and you’ve come to the right place to find out how. Please follow the steps below to begin setting up a Nightline at your university. Before starting this process, please be aware that starting a Nightline is a large commitment. To set one up you may need to put in around 100 hours of time (this can be split amongst a team of people to make it easier though). Starting a Nightline is not a quick process. It typically takes at least 6 months, therefore you will need to be available for that time.


  1. Contact your university AND your Students Union to gain their support with the setup project. Support from both is essential for any Nightline to set up.
  2. Read our Setup guide and begin working through the first steps. In particular, begin thinking about the policies you and the SU/Uni want for the Nightline.
  3. Once you have completed the above steps then you are ready to get started. Contact our Setup team via the form below and they’ll be able to assist you the rest of the way.

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