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What is Nightline?

Nightline is a student listening service which is open at night, run by students for students. This is as simple as it sounds – every night of term, student volunteers answer calls, emails, instant messages and talk in person to their fellow university students about anything.

Each individual Nightline is run by students for the students at their university. The peer support nature of this service is invaluable, as the specially trained Nightline volunteers are students who can directly empathise with their problems.

All Nightlines offer a phone listening service and many offer support via email, IM, or text. Some also have facilities where students can see Nightline volunteers in person. Most Nightlines also offer information and some have supplies such as condoms, pregnancy tests and attack alarms.

There are currently 36 Nightlines are set up at over 90 universities and colleges over the UK and Ireland, who exist to provide emotional support to 1.5 million students.

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What do Nightlines need from you?

Nightline volunteers donate immense amounts of time to manage, run and deliver a confidential and anonymous listening service at night, but they cannot do this without the support of their university and student union.


Without funds, Nightlines cannot survive. Money is used to pay for phone lines, office equipment, publicity materials, training, a subscription to the Nightline Association and other fundamental expenses.

Office Space

Nightlines need a base of operations – somewhere quiet and secure where they can operate a confidential listening service.


Volunteers are the oxygen to the Nightline service, and for a Nightline to be successful, it needs a steady supply of volunteers to fill shifts, publicise and run the Nightline.


Awareness of the Nightline service around your university is crucial. You can help with this by allocating funds for publicity and allowing Nightlines to publicise around campus/university buildings and putting the number for Nightline on your university student card. You may also be able to interact with their social networking sites, publicise the service on the university virtual learning environment and include material in freshers packs to help out.


Nightlines train in-house with volunteers who have completed  the training previously and have experience in all of the fields necessary. We also help with training, and insure Nightlines are the best that they can be. During set-up, your set-up Association volunteer and Regional Representative will help you get this started, and collate both local and national resources to ensure you are providing the highest quality training and service.


Running a Nightline is an exceptionally difficult task, especially if the Nightline is a new one. Your support, encouragement and assistance is vital to the smooth running of the Nightline service, and very much appreciated.

If you’d like to discuss your university’s Nightline and how you can help, please feel free to contact

If you’re interested in setting up a Nightline, please see Setting up a Nightline