What our Supporters say

Student life is not always the party people might think it is. I can’t think of a service that does so much for so little, but even that little needs to come from… somewhere.

Stephen Fry, Broadcaster, Actor, Writer and Comedian

“We are delighted to support Nightline, which provides such invaluable support for students at a time when they are experiencing so much change in their lives. So many issues can lead to anxiety and depression, which affect an increasing number of students and Nightline student volunteers are there throughout the night to listen and help. We would love to see Nightline expand to every university and college in the UK!”

Hamish Elvidge, Chair – The Matthew Elvidge Trust, Co-Chair National Suicide Prevention Alliance

“We believe that Nightline provides a vital service for young people who are going through a period in their lives when they are experiencing great change. This change and time of ‘finding themselves’ can be particularly unsettling for many students, and it’s fantastic that they have access to this confidential helpline when they are feeling, anxious, depressed or isolated. As a parent of a student, I feel very reassured to know that Nightline is in place at my daughter’s University.”

Clare Milford Haven, James Wentworth-Stanley Memorial Fund

“We are always pleased to support student-led initiatives and Nightline has made good progress in training and supporting their student volunteers. We believe a dedicated night-time service for students is important in addressing issues such as depression and anxiety at a time when students can be feeling particularly lonely or distressed’.

Clare Stafford, CEO, Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

I have worked with the Nightline Association in support of many local Nightlines providing assistance around training and coping with callers who are suicidal and despairing, helping Nightline Listeners think through appropriate ways to listen and respond. The individuals involved are motivated, competent and thoughtful people who learn quickly and provide a great service to their peers around them. By the nature of academic life, there is a relatively rapid turnover of people and skills in these local Nightlines, and the Nightline Association provides some much needed structure, learning and policy material and practical support in assisting new participants gain capability and achieve performance and provide a respected, quality service to the communities that they serve.

Mike Tunstall, Samaritan volunteer and trainer

Nightlines provide a vital support for young people at universities who are in crisis. Although university life is a positive experience for many, there are thousands of students who need help and support from peers who understand what they’re going through. As well as the support offered, I’m aware of many ‘Nightliners’ who have then pursued a career in mental health or social care. The Nightline Association is an extremely small and cost effective network which helps the Nightlines, with their inevitable turnover of volunteers, supported. I’d support their important work.

Paul Farmer, Chief Executive, Mind

Our Nightline does fantastic work supporting our students, making sure that they are supported around the clock, whatever the problem may be. Students regularly remind me of the value and importance it has in their lives. The dedication and commitment of the Nightliners to helping their fellow students is incredible and something we can’t thank them enough for!

Shôn Prebble, VP Education & Welfare, Bangor Students’ Union

If you are worried, need help, or just want to talk to someone, call Nightline. It is completely confidential and well worth a phone call.

Dame Judi Dench

More and more challenges are facing students in their lives today. Having someone impartial, yet of a similar age and situation, to talk things over with at any hour of the night is an incredibly valuable thing. The Nightline Association’s work supporting and guiding individual Nightlines around the country helps student volunteers achieve their goals and this is something I wholeheartedly support.

Graham Norton Comedian, TV presenter and former patron of Nightline Association

Please thank all of your volunteers for the work that they do.

Gordon Brown

Nightline’s services are invaluable to students and I give them my wholehearted support.

Michael Parkinson