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For most students their time at university is a positive experience of learning and personal development accompanied by the excitement of new experiences, opportunities and friendships. For some however it can be characterised by periods of stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression.

Students can be particularly vulnerable to mental ill-health.

Research supports the need Nightlines.
• Students often experience distress – especially at night
• Students want to talk to other students about their problems
• Students want to access support via telephone, text, IM and email

Nightline Association is currently conducting research into the impact of Nightline on the students who access it. Results will be available shortly.

Other interesting external research can be found here:
The Mental Health of Students in Higher Education (2011) Royal College Psychiatrists

Nightlines Addressing a Need

In 2013 research with a representative sample of UK students generously conducted by YouthSight on behalf of Nightline Association found that: – psychological distress is prevalent in the UK student population with 75% of students stating they had experienced it whilst at university 65% stress 43% anxiety, loneliness, feelings of not being able to cope […]

Nightline volunteering

The benefits of Nightline are not limited to the students that it supports. Nightline also provides an invaluable volunteering experience to its student volunteers who through helping their fellow students also develop key personal and workplace skills including communication, management, team leadership, training, PR and marketing, fundraising, budgeting and administration, recruitment and IT. Further resources: […]

Students suicide and self-harm

Research has found that: between 2007 and 2011 there was a 49% increase in student suicides young people (16-24 years) are more likely to attempt suicide than those in older age groups deliberate self-harm – a risk factor in suicide – is more prevalent amongst young people, especially women deliberate self harm is a key […]

Students and mental health

Research has found that: students have increased mental health symptoms compared with age matched controls mental health problems often only make their first appearance in late adolescence or young adulthood young people (16-24 years) are more likely to attempt suicide than those in older age groups deliberate self-harm is key mental health problem affecting students […]