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Latest blogs on student mental health and well-being, university life, student volunteering and the activities of Nightlines and Nightline Association. To contribute to our blog, please contact Amy Hutchinson.

Don’t Panic!

Many of you will have recently returned to school, college or University. Perhaps you’ve recently gone back to work after a nice holiday. It all suddenly feels like such a rush. We are expected to take in so much information all at once. We are told everything we need to know for the next year […]

Sometimes, It’s Hard to Talk

I was a Nightline volunteer for four years at university and I hope to volunteer again (academia has a way of sneaking into your blood and making you want to come back!). Since then (and during my time there) I’ve worked in mental health. It’s often irked me that there is this stigma and shame […]

Experiences with Mental Health

These past few years have been a blur. I am still within that blur now and the fog is thicker than ever. I don’t think I will ever make it through to the other end, but I am finding new ways to cope, I am slowly learning more about how to handle my illness. I’ll […]

Distorted Perception

Living with Body Dysmorphic Disorder in a body conscious world is never easy. Especially with the age of people captioning their selfies with things such as ‘omg I’m so ugly ewww!!1!’ while sufferers of the disorder can’t even bear to think about being in photographs. BDD has one of the highest mortality rates of any […]

The power of endorphins

The Mental Health Foundation campaigns for the awareness of mental health issues that are prevalent in our society. For Mental Health Awareness Week they pick a specific theme to base their campaigning on. In the past they have highlighted such issues as loneliness, which can be as big a health risk as a life-long smoking […]

Talking about it: Easier said than done

In my last blog I wrote about the importance of talking about depression, and revisiting it a few months on has made me realise that it was written with the naivety, hopefulness and confidence of someone just starting out on their journey to battle depression. From that point, I felt the only way was up, […]

Eating Disorders Awareness 2013

When I got an email from Nightline Association calling for blogs for the upcoming eating disorders awareness week from the 11th to the 15th of February, I jumped at the chance. As a female, a university student, a psychologist, with friends with former eating disorders;it’s an area quite close to home for me. Whilst I’d […]

The weighty issue of body image

For the past few years, my family has been obsessed with weight. We moved from Australia (relatively slim culture) to America (relatively not-so-slim culture) to England (a bit of everything), so maybe it took us longer than most to jump on this band wagon due to our changing cultural perceptions of what’s healthy and what’s […]