Vision, Mission & Objectives


Our vision is for every student in higher and further education to have access to the support offered by Nightline services so that:

  • every student is able to talk about their feelings in a safe, non-judgmental environment;
  • fewer students have their education compromised by emotional difficulties;
  • fewer students die by suicide.


Our mission is to raise the quality, profile, availability, and accessibility of Nightline services so that every student is aware of, and has access to, confidential emotional peer support, as well as the opportunity to volunteer for a Nightline.

Aims and objectives

We will support Nightlines to provide a consistent, high-quality service

  • We will ensure that Nightlines deliver a consistent, high-quality service by developing our Good Practice Guidelines and helping all affiliated Nightlines to adopt good practice and gain accreditation
  • We will help Nightlines to ensure effective recruitment, training and support of all volunteers
  • We will help Nightlines to recruit and develop a diverse volunteer base which reflects the student population
  • We will organise conference, provide a range of development opportunities for Nightline volunteers and facilitate the sharing of good practice
  • We will provide software and IT support, for example to support email, text and IM, statistics software, hosting website and a members’ area
  • We will regularly seek expert advice to keep abreast of changes in the mental health sector and the law
  • We will communicate with Nightlines about how best we can support them and will ensure that our services are shaped by their priorities

We will increase the number of students with access to a Nightline

  • We will help new Nightlines to open by working with universities, student unions/associations and volunteers to identify opportunities and provide support to both launch and maintain services
  • We will help existing Nightlines to expand in order to cover additional institutions
  • We will help Nightlines to reach more students by supporting them to introduce new services, for example email, text and IM
  • We will help Nightlines to become sustainable by working proactively to help them improve relationships with their stakeholders

We will raise the profile of the services provided by Nightlines

  • We will actively engage with student unions, universities (in particular student support services) and other key stakeholder to raise the profile of Nightline services
  • We will publicise Nightline services to students, prospective students and parents
  • We will build the Nightline brand in order to raise greater awareness of the work of the Nightline community

In order to achieve these aims, we will develop in a number of key areas

  • We will achieve greater financial sustainability; we will focus on securing funding for staffing and events
  • We will build strong strategic alliances with organisations which share our interests
  • We will develop our governance framework and ensure that our Trustee board operates effectively and has the right skills and experience
  • We will ensure effective recruitment, training and support of Association volunteers and Trustees
  • We will aim to make Nightlines feel supported and valued, and to maintain an effective working relationship with them at all times
  • We will seek to become more authoritative, through gaining external input and accreditation and ensuring that our initiatives are underpinned by research.