Our Board of Trustees

The trustees act as Directors for Nightline Association and bring a wealth of skills and experience to direct and manage the charity. They work in a voluntary capacity for the charity but are happy to respond to email enquiries.

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If you are interested in becoming a trustee, please email Brendan Mahon.

Nightline Association is especially keen to hear from academics, clinicians, IT or fundraising specialists who could help advance the charity.

Our Staff

Our Charity Manager, Victoria Sinclair, is the only full-time member of staff at Nightline Association and is responsible for the overall management and coordination of the charity, ensuring it achieves its aims and objectives and meets the needs of member Nightlines.

Our Volunteer Heads of Department

Our volunteer Heads of Departments are current students or recent graduates with extensive Nightline experience. They are responsible for implementing the operational strategy and day-to-day operation of the charity. They supervise, coordinate and support the work of elected and appointed Charity Officers and cover the following areas: Representation and Recruitment; Development; Events; External Communications;  IT; and Research, Policy and Accreditation.

Head of Nightline Development

Responsible for improving Nightline services; supporting Nightlines by collating and distributing guidance for training, including Connecting with People training, and volunteer welfare; publicity, including digital publicity, and fundraising;  assisting the setup of new Nightline services, and supporting existing Nightlines who wish to expand or improve their sustainability. Supported by three teams of volunteers, each with a Team Lead, who are responsible for one of the above areas.

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Head of External Communications

Promotes the Nightline Association vision and activities to external bodies; engages with external audiences including newspapers and broadcast, digital and social media; develops relationships with external organisations; all aspects of publicity, PR and fundraising. Supported by a team of volunteers.

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Head of Representation and Recruitment

Canvasses and voices the views of Nightline volunteers to the charity; manages internal communication through eBulletin, newsletters, Insomniac and any other means; moderates any website members’ area and/or forums. Supported by seven elected Regional Representatives and a Communications Officer.

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Head of Events

Plans and organises conferences, training events, away days and fundraising events. Supported by a team of volunteers.

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Head of IT

In charge of the team who maintain and develops IT Systems for both the Nightline Association and Nightlines. We have developed bespoke Instant Messaging, E-mail and SMS listening systems for Nightlines as external services, an internal statistics program, as well as general IT and website support.

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Head of Research, Policy and Accreditation

Responsible for the GPG volunteers who accredit Nightlines to follow good practice for helplines. Also in charge of the Research Team, who are charged with researching into the aims of the charity as well as the Policy Team, who are responsible for writing sample policies for Nightlines based on academic and sector-based research.

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