Nightline Association is the charity for Nightlines and was formed in 2006 to better support, promote and develop Nightline services. Nightline Association is a charitable company registered in England and Wales and limited by guarantee.

There are currently 36 Nightlines affiliated to Nightline Association.

Nightline Association has one full-time paid member of staff funded by a two-year grant from Comic Relief who is supported by over 40 student or recent graduate volunteers and a board of trustees.

Board of Trustees

The trustee board has ultimate legal responsibility for keeping the organisation focused on its purpose – ensuring it is solvent, meeting legal requirements, has good governance and has clear strategic direction to deliver the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public for which it has been set up. The trustees may be re-appointed for a further term by member Nightlines at the Annual General Meeting.


Affiliated Nightlines are members of the charity and each Nightline nominates a volunteer to represent their views and to vote on motions and elections using a proportional representation system at the AGM and Assembly.


The Council is made up of seven Regional Representatives (current students and Nightline volunteers), six Heads of Department and two Trustees, representing all affiliated Nightlines and Nightline Association volunteers. It meets regularly to decide on policy for the charity and to discuss new ideas. This structure ensures that the Nightline Association fulfils the needs of Nightlines and represents the views of everyone involved in the charity. The decisions of the Board of Trustees, members and Council are put into practice using our operational structure (shown below).

Operational Structure

We have a new organisational chart being developed – check back for an exciting update!

Each department is made up of a mix of elected and appointed volunteers.

Other Working Groups

Occasionally working groups are set up to develop and deliver specific projects. These are usually made up of volunteers with a specialist knowledge or interest in the project. Similarly Nightline Association secures ad hoc pro bono specialist support and advice (e.g. legal advice) from honorary consultants.