Nightline Association

Set up in 2006, Nightline Association is the charity which supports, promotes and develops Nightline services.

Currently there are 36 Nightlines in the UK and Ireland affiliated to Nightline Association.

Supporting Nightlines

Nightline Association aims to equip Nightline volunteers with the tools, knowledge and skills to manage, promote and deliver the best possible service to student callers.

–          Regional conferences: fund 6 1-day conferences where Nightlines meet to receive training, discuss ideas for their Nightlines and share ideas..

–          Spring conference: fund 1 2-day residential conference (including AGM and Assemblywhere Nightlines network, receive training and discuss policies and practices.

–          Awards dinner: fund an awards dinner at the spring conference which celebrates the achievements of Nightlines and their volunteers.

Regional representatives: fund travel costs of 7 regional representatives who liaise with designated Nightlines offering them tailored advice, guidance and support.

Promoting Nightlines

Nightline Association raises the profile of Nightline services in the media and helps individual Nightlines publicise their services locally.

–          Press releases: issue regular press releases about student mental well-being, university life and the benefits of volunteering with Nightline

–          Conferences: attend conferences and give presentations to promote the vision and activities of Nightline and raise awareness of what Nightlines do.

–          Partnerships: form links and share information, research and resources with other organisations interested in the mental well-being of students.

–          Research: conduct and release findings of research to affirm the value of Nightline services, and to help Nightlines develop services in response to student feedback

–          Social media: showcase a Nightline’s efforts and achievements over social media, on the website or via e-bulletins which are sent to all Nightline volunteers.

–          Publicity: provide Nightlines with professionally designed posters and business cards

Developing Nightlines

      Nightline Association recruits highly skilled volunteers to help Nightlines develop their services and increase their reach in the student population.

–         Development volunteers:  these are former Nightline volunteers with extensive knowledge and experience about all aspects of running a Nightline service. They can help new Nightlines set-up, current ones expand to cover additional institutions and provide tailored support at distance or in person.

–          IT volunteers:  these specialist volunteers can help Nightlines develop and launch online services such as email, IM or text.

–          Email anonymisation software: developed in-house this software allows Nightlines to offer an anonymous email service.

–          Statistics software:  developed in-house, this software allows Nightlines to collect anonymous statistics to help them develop their services and respond to caller trends and needs.

–          Good Practice Guidelines team: these volunteers help Nightlines adopt and achieved Good Practice Guidelines accreditation which ensures  they are operating safely, responsibly and in the best interests of their callers and volunteers.

–          Suicide awareness training: Nightlines can access Connecting with People suicide awareness training from in-house trainers to help their volunteers respond more competently and confidently to callers expressing suicidal thoughts, to improve their own emotional resilience and to support them through their Nightline duties.

–          JustGiving account: allows Nightlines to raise funds locally through bespoke appeal pages for their Nightline.

–          SurveyMonkey account: enables Nightlines to perform research locally and respond to the needs of their student population.

–          ThreeRings: Nightlines affiliated to Nightline Association receive free access to this online rota system which greatly facilitates the management and organisation of running a Nightline service.