About Us – What student callers say

“Having someone who is a student so understands the types of issues that students face . . . Didn’t feel so alone by being able to talk to someone”


“A friendly voice, a safe space, a support system”.


“I felt the Nightline cared about what I wanted to say”.


“Having to explain my problem forced me to think it through completely for the first time. Having somebody to talk to made me calmer and more able to deal with problems. Volunteers are all very friendly and incredibly supportive”
“It is anonymous so you never feel like you are getting judged. At the time I was unable to turn to anyone with my problem and just knowing someone was there made a great impact.”


“…having the opportunity to talk with someone right away – having that immediate access was very helpful , it helped knowing that if things got really bad I could call and having that ‘invisible’ support helped me cope with all that was going on. Talking gave me the strength to seek ongoing counselling to work through my situation”.


“Speaking to a person who I knew I would never see again made it easier to open up”.

Have you ever contacted Nightline? We’d love to hear about your experience. Email Amy.Hutchinson@nightline.ac.uk