BREAK THE SILENCE: Nightline Awareness Week 2016

Nightline awareness weekWhat do we choose to hide from other people? Perhaps it’s our struggles to meet deadlines or our romantic feelings for a friend.

It could be questions about our identity or arguments with our parents. Sometimes we put on a brave face when we’ve struggled to get out of bed that morning.

Whatever it is, this year’s Nightline Awareness Week asks every one of us to break the silence on those unspoken feelings.

What is Nightline Awareness Week?

Nightline Awareness Week is an annual event that raises the profile of problems students may face and how Nightlines are there to provide support.

This year it will be held from Monday 14 November to Friday 20 November. As well as social media campaigns run by Nightline Association, Nightlines across the country organise a staggering range of events, which last year included flash mobs, cake sales, whiteboard campaigns and more.


This year, help us break the silence by using the hashtag #NLBreakTheSilence to encourage conversation around problems that are seen as social ‘taboos’.

This campaign will allow individual Nightlines to tackle and discuss a wide range of student issues, from self-harm to stress, consent to careers and drugs to depression.

Nightline Association’s vision is that every student has a safe space to share their emotions without fear of judgement, that fewer students have their education compromised by emotional difficulties and that fewer students die by suicide.

Show your support

During Nightline Awareness Week, help us challenge the stigmas that prevent students from accessing emotional support.
Look out for the #AskNL campaign which will take place on Twitter on Tuesday 15 November, answering any questions you might have about Nightline Awareness Week or the services that Nightlines provide.

Want to talk? Find your local Nightline to speak confidentially.