Nightline – raising awareness of student mental health

In November 2015, Nightline Association held its 7th consecutive Nightline Awareness week, raising awareness of the vital work of Nightlines across the UK and Republic of Ireland to promote student mental health.

How are you feeling?

Throughout Nightline Awareness Week 2015, the hashtag #IAmFeeling was used on social media to encourage students to share how they were feeling and ultimately to let more students know that Nightline is there to listen.


A “Talk to Nightline” social media conversation enabled students to ask questions to Nightline Association and Nightlines using the hashtag #TalkToNL. This covered a wide range of questions and topics, from the practicalities of the service, to how to get involved, to some more personal thoughts from volunteers about why they dedicated their time to Nightline.

Reaching more students

The annual campaign provides a medium through which Nightlines can increase the positive impact they have across campus. Many Nightlines held their own Nightline Awareness Week. Whiteboard campaigns proved to be an effective and popular way to raise awareness of Nightlines and hear a range of student opinions. Edinburgh Nightline’s mascot, Nigel the bear, was out meeting Edinburgh students and asking them: “When I think of Nightline, what do I think of?” Check out the photos. Edinburgh Nightline finished the week in the spirit of 2015’s theme, asking students, “How are you feeling today?”.

Keele University Nightline also organised a whiteboard campaign, asking students, “What makes you happy?”.

As part of our Nightline Awareness Week, some of our Public Team were out on campus today with a whiteboard and a camera…

Posted by Keele Nightline on Martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015

Call Me Maybe?

Edinburgh Nightline collaborated with the university’s Modern Dance Society to stage a “Call Me Maybe?” flash mob to help promote Nightline. Watch the video below! Further collaborations followed, including with the university Yoga Society to run an invaluable workshop on relaxation and de-stressing. Sheffield University Nightline held an impressive variety of events, including speed dating and Scalectrix racing.

Beyond Nightline

Sheffield Nightline also organised ‘Knit and Natter’ which saw student volunteers spend time with the residents of a local care home. Nottingham University Nightline used Nightline Awareness Week to launch their new campaign, called “One Little Act”. This fantastic initiative encourages society leaders and student officers at the university to make one pledge for their students, with ideas including running mental health and diversity training workshops for sports teams.

An invaluable volunteer contribution

A huge effort by volunteers meant that Nightline Awareness Week successfully engaged huge numbers of students in fun and innovative ways, ultimately raising awareness of the services provided by Nightlines for students.

Jess Smith, Nightline Association’s Publicity and Fundraising Team Lead, comments: “Awareness Week gives us the opportunity to spotlight the amazing work done by our volunteers. Due to confidentiality reasons, too often our volunteers do not get to openly celebrate the service they are helping to provide throughout the academic year”.